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Eng. Walid Yassin

Chairman of the Board of Directors Company

I am not a stranger to the automotive market, I have invested in this market my whole life, and, I am very happy at this stage that our company is going through to join in light of the political, economic and social development of Egypt, especially “Vision 2030” and the reforms launched by His Excellency President of the Republic, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, during the previous years.

There is no denying that Egypt has a promising economy thanks to the economic reforms being pursued by the Egyptian government, which have had a real impact on the business climate and environment and have significantly improved its indicators recently in international reports, as well as the opportunities provided by the ambitious economic programme “Egypt Vision 2030” in a variety of fields including transportation, new cities, health, and others.


We have fully developed the administrative structure, and the board of directors has hired one of the big names in the Egyptian car market, who has long practical experience in the sector and with a group of the largest companies in both Egypt and Africa, in addition to the low cost of operation and production. Egypt has all the ingredients that help in the localization of the automobile industry in terms of the large market inside Egypt, and its being a gateway to the African market. Our company also entered a contract with one of the biggest well-known companies to serve as the company’s financial advisor, highlighting the fact that Al-Rakhaa Trading Company’s administrative development came with the intention of extending its business, sources, and markets as well as to secure all distinguished services for the company’s clients.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality goods and services that will improve customers’ lives and help them realise their goals (and to that end, Al-Rakhaa Trading Company was administratively developed with the goal of growing its business, sources, and markets, and in order to secure all the prestigious services for the company’s clients).

Eng. Walid Yassin